Work Like a Spy

Book Description

When J.C. Carleson left the corporate world to join the CIA, she expected an adventure and she found it. Her assignments included work in Iraq as part of a weapons of mass destruction search team, travels throughout Afghanistan and clandestine encounters with foreign agents around the globe. What she didn’t expect was that the skills she acquired from the CIA would be directly applicable to the private sector. It turns out that corporate America can learn a lot from spies not only how to respond to crises but also how to achieve operational excellence. Carleson found that the CIA gave her an increased understanding of human nature, new techniques for eliciting information and improved awareness of potential security problems, adding up to a powerful edge in business. Using real examples from her experiences, Carle son explains how working like a spy can teach you the principles of:

  • Targeting-figuring out who you need to know and how to get to them
  • Elicitation – a subtle way to get the answers you need without even asking a question
  • Counterintelligence – how to determine if your organization is unwittingly leaking information
  • Screening-CIA recruiter’s methods for finding and hiring the right people.

The methods developed by the CIA are all about getting what you want from other people. In a business context, these techniques apply to seeking a new job, a promotion, a big sale, an advantageous regulatory ruling and countless other situations. As Carleson writes, “In a world where information has a price, it pays to be vigilant”. Her book will show you how.

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