Too Late

Book Description

Too Late is an excruciating read that could not appease me in any way.
When CoHo released this book, she suggested that this story would be a little edgier and darker than her other reads.
It was, but mostly, Too Late was a melodramatic get-together of underdeveloped characters and a ridiculous plot line.

The story is about Sloan, a girl that is apparently very strong and unyielding, however, in my opinion, she comes across as a whiny doormat.
There, I said it. ^.^
She has an abusive boyfriend, Asa, and she stays with him since he pays the bills for her brother’s care. He treats her poorly, he is violent and shows little redeeming qualities.
Nevertheless, she pretends it all is okay and stays with him for her brother’s sake.
I cannot comprehend why the main narrator does not find a job or whatever like a typical college student…
Why does she make herself dependable on this douche? I still cannot grasp that idea.

All changes when Carter comes in the picture with a few secrets of his own.
Carter is the typical CoHo boy. He is sweet and dramatic, he talks like a girl and he is quite boring.
Sloan and Carter immediately fall in love and I am not exaggerating. After one hour of being together, Carter cannot stop thinking about her and starts to ramble on and on about Sloan.
I did not see the connection or even character development.
Asa could not deliver a coherent sentence. He went from bad boy to psychotic lunatic very fast.
Sloan was this so-called strong-willed girl, although she was crying on almost every page.
Carter did not have any personality whatsoever. His only purpose was to be the sidekick of Sloan.

The book was trying too hard to be offensive and edgy, but it did not work.
There was too much telling and not enough showing, due to the missing character development.
Invective words were thrown into this story like sugar in cake. I do not have any problems with a bit swearing in books, but this was over the top.

It went like this:
Asa: “I want some motherfucking spaghetti.”
Sloan: “I don’t want to make you fucking spaghetti.”
Asa: “Well, I don’t fucking care. Make me some fucking spaghetti.”
*Sloan wipes tears away* “Fine, here is your fucking spaghetti, you damned fucker.”

And let’s not talk about that ending.
0 stars.

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