See Me

See Me

Book Description

A modern love story

Are you a lover of romantic stories that are filled with action, adventure, complexities and fun? If yes, then ‘See Me’ is the ideal book for you. The book has been written by famous author Nicholas Sparks and it sheds light on the journey of Colin Hancock who has just been given a second chance in life. He’s working very hard to make this chance worthwhile. He’s focussed to walk straight, obtaining his teaching degree and avoiding all places that might just prove to be destructive. His final expectation is a good relationship. Join in to see how Colin finds his true love

Colin is looking for a relationship when Maria Sanchez steps into his path one rainy night in the state of North Carolina, fully upsetting his carefully structured life. The couple starts to imagine what their life would be like when they are finally together but things never go the way they should go. Tense situations arise and truths from Maria’s past begin to surface. As the threat of violence increases, Maria and Colin are tested in very boorish ways. Find out what happened to their dreams?

Will their dreams ever be fulfilled? Or will the devil destroy the intangible bond between them. Will their love survive the darkest hour? This story takes many surprising turns and it will surprise you on a regular basis. But to find out about the result, grab the book and go through the breath taking climax of the story. This modern love story comes from the multi-million-copy bestselling author of the Notebook, the Lucky one and the longest ride. About the Author

Nicholas Sparks is an author of American origin who works as a novelist, screenwriter and producer. With 18 novels and 2 non-fiction books to his name, he is one of the most famous authors in the world.. He has also written for many movies such as ‘The Best of Me’, ‘Safe Haven’ and ‘The Notebook’. His novels have constantly been picked up by movie houses with 11 of them now made into movies.

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