Note to Self

Note to Self

Book Description

Now in paperback, a collection of words of wisdom from inspiring women who have not only survived the toughest of times, but have prospered and grown thankful for the experience.

As Oprah says, “Turn your wounds into wisdom.” We all know that life rarely works out exactly as we plan. But often times, getting derailed from the path turns out to be the best thing ever to happen. Whether it’s rejection by a cherished friend, the onset of an unexpected illness, an ongoing struggle with body image and self-perception—these experiences may challenge us, but our triumphs come to define us.

In Note to Self, thirty dynamic women share their inspirational stories with writer, director, and television and film producer Andrea Buchanan. Celebrities including Grammy Award-winning rock star Sheryl Crow and Emmy Award-winning actress Camryn Manheim join stuntwoman Stacy Courtney, football player Katie Hnida, seventy-year-old HIV-positive grandmother Beverly London, and alcoholic-turned-interventionist Candy Finnigan to reflect on their unforgettable stories of redemption. Punctuated by tears and laughter, these poignant tales are full of incredible strength, invaluable knowledge, insurmountable odds, helpful survival instincts, amazing willpower, humiliation (sometimes on a national level), and a hefty dose of humor—that will resonate with readers everywhere.

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