Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend

Messi The Inside story of the Boy

Book Description

In Messi: The Inside Story Of The Boy Who Became A Legend, author Luca Caioli gives us an incredible insight into the life of this living football legend. Since a long time, Diego Maradona, the golden boy’s shadow has loomed large over the world of football. In 2007, this legendary Argentine decided that Lionel Messi would be his successor to the well-known No. 10 shirt.

No one could have been sure whether the potential would be lived up to. Time and again champions, reporters, even coaches have blundered when it came to choosing the next superstar. This time, though, they got it right because Messi is a European champion and an Olympic gold medallist. Messi: The Inside Story Of The Boy Who Became a Legend tells the story of Lionel Messi, the most naturally gifted footballer in today’s time and hero to millions of fans globally.

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